3D Audio Illusions is a great application for iPhone and it is an interesting software based on listening to holofonic recordings  or recorded with two microphones, allowing you to make significant auditory experiences.
The application necessarily require the use of headphones, but I can assure you that the effect is amazing.
Currently there are 11 sound effects available, but the developers have announced the release of new effects with the new updates, which should be released in the coming months.
Bring headphones, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by this fantastic audio experience.

The sounds that are loaded into 3D Audio Illusions are different:
– A swarm of bees;
– Frogs;
– Ignition of a match;
– Scissors cutting hair.
– Rain
– Electric shaver
– Crickets
and more …

Everything looks so realistic that is instinctive to look around to find the source of the sound.
App really recommended!

App Price: $ 1.59             

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