iOS needs new colors!
The operating system, natively installed on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, never had any color changes and waiting for iOS 7, that will be announced on June (10th) in San Francisco, presents you Accentify, a Cydia Tweak that allows you to change the default colors of iOS. Let’s see how.

Accentify is a new Cydia Tweak for Jailbroken iOS devices that allows you to change the look by changing the colors natives present in the Apple operating system.
From a RGB scale adjustable from the Settings menu, or with pre-designed templates, you can recolor the following screens: Mail, Safari, Messages, Settings, and many other Apps.

Contrary to what you might think Accentify does not work via Winterboard (that takes away a lot of power to the iPhone) but modifies the native iOS Apps to adjust the colors selected in the operating system.
In short Accentify allows you to replace a color of your choice to the classic blue that characterizes most of the App in all iDevices.

You can choose from many pre-set themes that Accentify provides you, or you can customize every nuance and thus create new colors.

Some of the colors available are:
– Scarlet Red
– Viridian
– Olive
– Steel
– Sienna
– Water Color
– Hot Pink
– Jet Black
and many more!

To get an idea of what Accentify can do, view the slideshow below.

Of course, if after a long time you want to restore iOS and set the old color, you can disable this Tweak from the iOS Settings.

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