Adobe Reader is the best way to read PDF documents on your iPhone and on all other iDevices.
It is lightweight, practical and comfortable, includes three display modes, and supports the accelerometer includes a zoom function to be used with touch controls.

Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files on your iDevice.
The App is automatically activated when prompted to open a PDF files found on the Internet or stored on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The main menu of Adobe Reader displays a list of PDF documents in your smartphone and also indicates the ones seen recently.
With Adobe Reader the reading of PDF files is easy and intuitive: you can choose between three different modes of viewing of the document and the excellent zoom functions exponentially increase the usability of the program.
You can also change the orientation of the PDF by simply rotating your iDevice.

Adobe Reader for iOS allows you to search inside the document and includes an option to print or send it via e-mail.

You can view all the PDF files, even those protected by password, but also search for specific information in the text and zoom in on a specific portion thereof.
To browse the contents of the PDF files just use the bookmarks to go directly to the desired section, the miniature to explore large files and finally through hyperlinks.
You can of course add personal notes and markings.
In terms of sharing, however, the App offers support for AirPrint for print, you can also share with other Apps using “Open In” and there is the possibility to send PDF files as email attachments.

Adobe Reader has recently been updated to version 10.4 with the following additions:

– Store and access files in the cloud with
– Complete and submit online forms from Adobe FormsCentral
– Perform calculations using hierarchies of form fields
– Select and annotate Asian text
– View documents with protected content
– Print comments and modules via AirPrint
– Indicator of the page number more discreet.

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