Air Penguin is a game available in the AppStore for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, it is developed by Gamevil and the aim is to help a penguin in the far North Pole to save its family from melting ice.

The controls in Air Penguin are very simple, in fact just tilt your iDevice in various directions and with the use of the accelerometer, the penguin will follow a given direction.

You can play in two different game modes, collect items, unlock new scenarios and avoid enemies and obstacles.
Air Penguin has recently been updated to version 1.5 solving some issues with iOS 5 and adding 25 new levels.
The penguin’s family, the protagonist of Air Penguin has been kidnapped while fishing: the only survivor in this raid, the main hero, will have to travel more than 100 stages, to reach and liberate their families.
As described above, Air Pinguin uses motion sensors of your Apple device to control the movements performed by the heroic penguin, that will jump automatically as soon as a level of play begins.

To move the character and prevent it from falling into the water, you will have to tilt the iDevice to a new ice platform.

You absolutely have to prevent falling into holes or collide with the walruses, that will push you  dangerously to the outside of the frozen platform.

On your way there will be sharks waiting with open jaws to swallow you in one bite, octopus, swordfish, and other hostile creatures to be avoided with speed and agility.
During the game you can eat fish that represent a useful currency to help you in difficult situations.
In each mission you can in fact spend your money to unlock some “life-saving” and other various forms of assistance.

For example, with 5 fish you can make a jump when you’re near the water, with 10 fish you can clog the holes present on the ice platforms ,stun sharks and other hostile creatures will surely be very good strategies to survive without too much effort.

In addition to the story mode, that will entertain you for a long time thanks to the many levels present, Air Penguin also offers a survival mode: in this case you have to walk the road as much as possible before falling into the water.

Air Penguin is really fun and engaging for all that just described! A game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch recommended by

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