ITG Studios LTDA-ME are the authors of this fantastic App, entitled “Alarm Clock Rio“.
It is a convenient and simple alarm clock for iPhone with the ability to set their own songs saved on the iPhone (also iPad or iPod), it also contains some weather, and have other interesting features.
Alarm Clock Rio is therefore a simple but useful App designed for those who want an alarm other than that already available on iDevices.
Alarm Clock Rio has long been available on the App Store but just recently has been updated to version 2.0.
The new features make the graphics finally also compatible with the iPhone 5 and more developers have fixed some minor bugs that could cause some malfunction.


Clock Function:

– There is a beautiful LCD theme with a choice of 7 different colors: blue, cyan, green orange, pink, red and yellow;
Alarm Clock Rio supports screen orientation in portrait and landscape mode;
– Show / hide the status of the battery;
– Increase and decrease the brightness of the screen with a simple movement of the fingers;
– Choose the time format you prefer between 12 or 24 hours;
– Show / hide the name of the city where you are;
– Show / hide the date;
– Show / hide the sliding of the seconds;
– Customize the Auto-lock to save battery;

Alarm Function:

– With Alarm Clock Rio you can wake up with your favorite music by selecting the saved songs in the playlist on your iPhone, iPod or iPad;
– You can also choose one of the pre-installed 17 different sounds: alarm, bell, birds, bomb fall, car alarm, classic, cuckoo, digital, dog barking, electronic, high tone, lullaby, old clock, rooster, school bell, telephone ring – and long telephone ring;
– You can disable / enable the snooze function;
Sound Music on / off;
– You can also set the volume of sound;
Vibration on / off;

Weather Function:

– The App will show you the weather conditions and temperature of your area;
– Temperature displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Of course, an Alarm Clock can never let you down when you need it!
Alarm Clock Rio so it works even if you have set the alarm but then you closed the App.

Torch Function:

– Are you in a dark room? No problem! Shake the iPhone to activate the flash.

Of course, among the wide range of Apps in the Appstore, there are so many Alarm Clocks, and features available in Alarm Clock Rio is essential and very well designed, which is why it deserves to be one of the best Apps of this kind!

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App Price: $0.99

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