With Anti Thief can be sure that your phone is always with you and it is safe from thieves.

This useful application reports a theft in 4 modes:

– Motion Detection: for example, if you leave your device on your desk or in any other place, with the anti-theft mode set to ON, when the phone is touched automatically emits warning sounds and freezes completely while the alarm is only be deactivated by entering a security code.
– Anti-Pickpocket: This is the security option in case you have the device in your pocket, thanks to the Proximity Sensor the alarm is not activated when the phone moves in the pocket, but only when it is pulled out of it;
– Anti-Bag Picker: warning similar to the one just seen, with the difference that works when the phone is placed in a bag;
– Power Detector: when your device will disconnect power from the alarm will be activated. and this will keep your device from thief, you can lock the screen of device and it will continue to keep your device from thief.

A fantastic feature of Anti Thief is the one that allows the device to take photos of the thief of your phone / tablet and they are saved to the camera roll and also on iCloud, so you can track down the thief anywhere.
The application works on all iOS devices, even on the iPad.

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App Price: $0.99

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