Atom is a new Tweak for Jailbroken iOS devices that allows to redraw the blockscreen of all your iPhones and other iDevices making it similar to that of the latest versions of Android.
Developed by Tyler Nettleton and Surenix, Atom will allow users to run a slide to unlock from the lock screen to home, but also to launch up to six different Apps directly from the lock screen.
The design that characterizes Atom is very minimal and similar to that of the theme Ayecon.
Even the animations are well-kept and pleasant to behold when using the Tweak.
The icons shown by Tweak, although they may seem very close to each other, they should be far enough apart to allow the user to use the Tweak without any problems.
Atom inserts a new menu in the settings that will allow you to adjust your Tweak preferences.
You can also change the position of the Apps on the lock screen.
The changes do not require a respring to be applied.

Here’s a video for you:

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