Record musical videos is really simple, you just need an iPhone and an App, you’ll be the star!
of Autodance by Just Dance! is App for iPhone and other iDevices a funny with which you can create animated clips with your friends dancing to the tunes of popular songs.

With of Autodance by Just Dance! you can play with the photos of your friends and make their images become a musical video really funny and successful.
Point the camera of your device to them (one or more friends) and start taking pictures.
The screen is then divided into four parts.
For each of these sections you will have to take a picture, that will make the video.
Synchronizes the movements with a selection of dance tracks and add video special effects ranging from brilliant disco style , to the legendary vintage 8mm camera.

After you take the pictures click on OK, choose the song from the 4 available:
-Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
– Everybody Needs Somebody To Love by Dancing Bros.
– Crazy Little Thing by Anja.
– Apache (Jump On It) by The Sugarhill Gang

Once the transformation is complete you can choose to share the video on Facebook and the major social networks, Youtube, Email or community website.
Not much else to say, except to advise you to try this fantastic App, which, being produced by Ubisoft, have to be of high quality.

If you think that the songs go out of fashion do not worry, in fact every version update of Autodance by Just Dance! completely renews its tracks!
As an example, the tracks were previously available:
Barbra Streisand (Duck Sauce), Apache Jump (The Sugarhill Gang) and Jamaican Dance (Konshens).


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App Price: Free!

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