The first chapter, Avengers Initiative, is dedicated to the powerful and green Hulk, and will be in his shoes that we try to defeat numerous villains escaped from Volta, the prison created to hold them.
The gameplay is similar to that of the famous Infinity Blade, or there will be scenes of exploration in which we can not move, but just look around by clicking on points of interest, and the fight scenes, based on gestures, plus the addition of some useful keys to dodge and carrying out special attacks with our superhero.


Following Impulse, many criminals with super powers and different monsters fled from the Volta, a detention facility super-secret SHIELD located in the Rocky Mountains.
Nick Fury convinces HULK to hunt down monsters while SHIELD gathers all the Avengers to find out who opened the doors of Volta and why he did it.

Info on the fighting:

– The opponent attacks unpredictably, and Hulk can ward off the blows, but consuming valuable energy, or dodge them with a quick tap on the arrows on the corners of the screen.
– Avoid combination of attack allows us to take action while the enemy is stunned or disoriented.
– The swipe on the screen produces combo calls “epic” or “heroic”.
– The last defensive option is to impact the shot pulling a punch in the opposite direction: very elegant, but only for experts.
– The Hulk’s special abilities can be activated when you have accumulated a fair amount of anger.
– The team also tries to insert new elements, such as the attacks after a few enemies (to dodge, however, in the traditional way) or Quick Time Event where you have to “spigiacchiare” on the screen like crazy.
– Environmental Attacks: who trained eye will notice the background weakest structural elements: a quick click and Hulk hurl the enemy against doors and walls, and throwing in pursuit.

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