When people talk about “virus” able to attack your phones, you immediately think of the Android system, very vulnerable from this point of view.

Although the iPhone is almost immune, Avira has, however, decided to publish the new application on the AppStore called “Avira Mobile Security” which, in addition to performing the usual virus-scan, also integrates a function like “Find My iPhone”.

Avira Mobile Security has the duty to protect and strengthen the defenses of your iPhone.

About “virus” and “Trojan”, the iPhone has an excellent reputation: so far there are very few viruses in the wild and able to create “trouble” to the user.
If you want to increase the security of your phone, then you can try the new free App made by Avira.

Among the technical features there is a function called “Location tracking”, a sort of “Find My iPhone” designed by Apple.

Avira also has integrated this useful service in their app making it more complete than a classic anti-virus software.

Obviously, the features are not comparable to the service offered by “Find My iPhone“, but can still be useful in some cases.

The operation is simple and intuitive: during the first startup will be performed a general inspection of the active applications, a search for the presence of malicious software.

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App Price: Free!

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