Developed by Frogmind Games, an independent team composed of just two developers from RedLynx, Badland is an “action adventure game”, very broad definition that, however, sums up quite well the structure of the game.

Badland is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Badland has as its protagonist a strange winged creature and the game consists of various side-scrolling levels and you must try to fly between huge amounts of enemies and obstacles and reach the finish line without dying.

The particular style adopted, based on the contrast between light and shadow, with the elements in the foreground and special and amazing environments on the background.

Badland for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is a unique puzzle-platformer based entirely on the light and shade effect featuring over 40 levels filled with traps, obstacles and many enemies.

The game is also based on physics and optimally supports the touchscreen controls of the iDevice, using this mechanism as the main structure of the gameplay.


To move forward you have to fly by performing taps on the screen: with a long tap you will fly upwards, instead removing your finger from the touchscreen you will fall down.
The controls work very well and the atmosphere involves the user further into the adventure of this unfortunate character, constantly in danger due to obstacles and traps.


In addition to 40 levels in single-player campaign, Badland also includes a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players playing 12 levels although more will be added with the next updates.

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