After many endless games, here’s another one, it’s Banana Kong, a fun game where the protagonist is a gorilla!

The user will have to lead the primate as far as possible, avoid going to crash or wrong movements, the penalty is the immediate game over.

Among the many endless runner released, compatible with iOS, the work of Gamaga is definitely similar to the excellent Jetpack Joyride with which it shares several elements of its play structure.

As in the game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, made ​​by Halfbrick, in fact, also here for every game the environment is totally random and generated a lot of importance is attributed to the accumulation of bananas to buy power-ups and useful gadgets to provide a whole number of advantages.

The most frequent obstacles are rocks, logs rolling, falling stalactites, pools etc …


Even in Banana Kong you must use only one finger to play, in this case by tapping the screen to jump, maintaining the pressure to planar and performing a swipe down to go down into the underlying platform.

After collecting a certain number of bananas will fill a special indicator that frees a powerful forward thrust of the gorilla, useful to get away from dangers or to destroy any obstacles nearby.


The two-dimensional graphics is distinguished by an excellent use of colors, vivid backgrounds and especially the excellent animations of the gorilla, In addition the music accompanies the action with a cheerful theme which is characterized by a great advantage: the user does not get bored after a few games.


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