Optimizing the use of the battery of your iPhone has never been so easy!
Thanks in Battery Doctor Pro you can manage perfectly every consumer of your battery and you can monitor in detail the charges and durations in active use in many states:
– Talk time on 2G
– Talk time on 3G
– Internet on Wi-Fi
– Internet on 3G
Video Playback
– Audio Playback
Bluetooth Audio
– Play 2D
– Play 3D
– Record Video
– GPS Navigation
– Standby Time
… and many more!
Battery Doctor Pro also offers section containing a list of useful tips for saving energy.
In the main application screen also contains the following buttons:
“maintenance”, “log”, “theme”, “health”, “monitor”, “settings” then “about” and “credits”.
As for the graphics, it is completely customizable from the “theme”.
App Price: $0,99  

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