Battery Saver is the application that will help you monitor your battery and will help you to prolong its charge.
It is useful for all those who can not risk to remain without battery charged just the wrong time.
Battery Saver is very simple and intuitive to use, when you first open the application you will be immediately informed about the percentage of your battery, time remaining, the speed of your device and date of the last recharge, you can also view all features of the iPhone and the remaining time taking advantage of each of them.

– Optimize: here you can see the features and you want to disable Battery Saver to increase the battery life.

– Charge: here is the charging screen, where you will see the remaining time of use, the health score that indicates the quality of your battery and the date of last recharge.

– Accelerate: in this screen you can see the RAM exploitation by Apps in background, system files and temporary files, with the ability to optimize the space and speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

– Market: Here you can see the best recommended Apps of the day

– More: options such as those concerning the system, medals collected with Apps, tricks to save battery and various social networks available to share with your friends the data of Battery saver.

– System: it will give you interesting information about the status of your device, battery usage, CPU usage, and the technical features of your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

All this shows that Battery Saver is definitely a very full and clear App, easy to use and useful for all occasions.

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