Many times when you need a connection to the Internet but you have finished your call traffic, or the telephone signal is low, a free WiFi network in the neighborhood is just what you need.

Surely you’d like to see, through a special switch, only the open WiFi networks, in order to connect without any problems.
BetterWiFi adds several interesting options in the Settings section of the app WiFi, including a switch to choose to display only free WiFi networks in the list and the “pull-to-refresh” function that allows you to refresh the list of networks with a simple slide from top to bottom.

BetterWiFi also allows you to remove the maximum limit set to the signal level that is usually imposed by Apple to avoid that the devices can connect to WiFi networks rather distant and not able to guarantee a sufficient Internet navigation and the ability to improve visualization of WiFi networks closer.

You can also automatically disable the security code on your iPhone or iPad when you connect to a specific Wi-Fi network (such as your home or office) because you are sure that only trusted people will have access to your device.

All of these options can be activated, deactivated, and managed by the section dedicated to BetterWiFi which will be added in iOS Settings after installing this Cydia Tweak.

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