is a simple, fast and secure way to find and book hotels on your iPhone / iPad.
The official implementation of online service is updated to version 5.1 introduced support for Passbook, the new application from Apple that allows you to save e-tickets and coupons to purchase items and services.
The best feature of this application is reliability, because the hotel reviews are hundreds and they are all written by real guests.

The graphics are nice and very intuitive, in fact, just type:
– The destination
– The date of arrival and return (even in flexible mode)
– The number of travelers

Other features:
– More than 245,000 structures in fantastic places around the world
– Do you have to book? Nothing could be easier, simpler and safer
– More than 17 million reviews of real guests
– Over 2.6 million hotel photos

With app you can:
– Search for hotels near you or in other destinations
– Sort and filter results to find the most suitable accommodation
– Easily change the view from map to list
– Book in 2 easy steps and save your information for next time
– Show the phone the booking confirmation at check-in: goodbye printer!

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App Price: Free!

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