Boom! is an addictive game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, where you have to help Boom, a green funny creature, to save his pink friend, Pinky.

The game, made by Happy Sprites, is currently available for free download on the App Store.

Specifically, it is an adventure game, 2D platform where the protagonist, as mentioned, is an original green character named Boom!, which is located at the edge of a monowheel.

To save Pinky you will have to complete all the paths, full of obstacles and dangers, performing amazing stunts in the shortest possible time.

You should also collect the gold coins scattered all over the track.

The latter will be useful to customize and enhance Boom! and his “vehicle”.

Impersonating the green creature you must overcome 108 levels in 4 different worlds, wearing 15 costumes and also using 9 different engines.

With the bonuses you collect during the different paths you can unlock content such as costumes and wheels.

Boom! for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch also offers the ability to share your scores with your friends and challenge them in a new game.

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App Price:  Free!

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