Activision has released surprisingly on the App Store the new project in the series of Call of Duty, it’s Call of Duty: Strike Team.

We are in 2020, the superpowers of the world are concerned.

With a surprise attack, the U.S. lead a war with an unknown enemy and you have to drive the special joint team in an attempt to eliminate enemies.

In Call of Duty: Strike Team you will find a single-player campaign mode, full of epic cinematic moments in various locations around the world, but there is also a survival mode where you have to fend off waves of enemies more and more difficult to eliminate.

Among the customizations there are also weapons and uniforms customized for the members of their team.
One of the most popular games of its kind lands in a new version specially designed and engineered for mobile devices.

It is a game that requires high performance, so make sure that your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is compatible before purchasing because older devices are not supported.

The gameplay is really varied, in fact, it offers a variety of game situations with cameras in third and first person depending on contingencies, in certain situations you will even manage an entire squad of soldiers in various missions.

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App Price:  $6.99

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