Triniti Interactive has finally released on the AppStore Call of Mini: Zombies 2, the sequel of the very popular themed zombie shooter in which you’ll face wave after wave of undead while you are trying to complete a series of missions and goals which will require not only a strategic approach, but they will force you to use all your armamentarium.

There is an ongoing attack of undead and you’ll have to face, fighting waves of zombies and defying powerful and scary boss.

Unlike the first game, in Call of Mini: Zombies 2 there is a series of important innovations, such as the introduction of secondary weapons, like a beautiful chainsaw and a fun combo system.

The game provides 10 weapons, 5 characters, although initially it we can select only one, 10 types of zombies, 8 environments and lighting effects.

With the accumulation of money and collectible items you can upgrade weapons, build new ones, buy ammo and level up your character, thus improving the statistics and preparing it in the most appropriate way to kill the zombies.

To increase the variety of gameplay, the developers have added missions of different types: in some cases you will have to escort a survivor, in other missions protect him and other times you have to clean up the area from the undeads.

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