With Call Screen Maker you can finally customize the pictures of your phone contacts in a serious way or funny.
With this application you can indeed apply many backgrounds, frames and objects.
The most interesting aspect of  Call Screen Maker is definitely the crop, which means you can insert the faces of your friends or relatives on the appropriate spaces, thus forming real photomontages in seconds.
The app supports the Retina Display with high resolution and the photos are all in HD, but Call Screen Maker is compatible with all iOS devices.
The operation is very simple, the buttons that you see at the bottom of the screen are:
– Home
– Zoom: fits the image to your needs
– Frames: To apply frames to images
– Special Effects: To use many special effects
– Wallpapers
– Camera
– Save: to save your work

Each day, the app will be updated with news and content!

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App Price: $0.99 

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