Three baseballs, many cans.

How to connect these things is automatic, in fact you have to throw down more cans possible by launching the balls with precision and power.

Infinite Dreams Inc. has just released Can Knockdown 3, a game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that is based on this, nothing more, nothing less.

Like its predecessors, it’s damn funny and you can’t stop whenever you want.

With the third chapter of, Can Knockdown 3 is really matured and now has an impressive level structure characterized by increasing difficulty becoming even more similar to that found in Angry Birds gameplay, the only difference is the first-person view and a three-dimensional graphics, nearly photorealistic.

The application is launched you can see a three-dimensional interface through which you can reach the different sections in Can Knockdown 3: with a slide to the left you will go into the selection of the levels of the game and performing a slide to the right, you will reach the settings.

From here you can also enable the auto-save progress via Game Center.

Game Center allows you to access the charts containing statistics about friends and players around the world and deal with them.

Can Knockdown 3 also provides dedicated buttons to sharing data on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and challenge your friends.

Can Knockdown 3 offers five different environments: power plant, factory, toxic wastewater, steel mill and mine.

Among the new features introduced in this latest version there are also new types of cans that add bonus or penalty to the score.

Can Knockdown 3 is therefore a really recommended game, great to spend time having fun, you can play well even on iPhone and iPod Touch, but to get an excellent result play with an iPad!


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