Do you remember Yetisports? In particular, that game where you had to hit a unfortunate penguin with a baseball bat and let it get as far away as possible?
Here’s an App for iDevices inspired by this famous game.
Catapult Madness, it is a Free game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it has a very interesting gameplay, based exclusively on launches with a catapult.
The presence of RPG elements is given by objects that can be achieved by spending virtual money earned during the games in Catapult Madness, it will be useful for you to buy extra contents, many bonuses that will allow you to further improve the launches with the catapult.
This App is now one of the best Free games to download for the iPhone, it allows to have a gaming experience based on a very simple plot.
You have to reach through the catapult a nearby castle to ask for aid.
For this reason, your launches will be critical for you to win bonuses and power-ups to use to improve subsequent launches.
As you advance in the various missions you will have new characters to launch with the catapult.
For the calculation of points will be really important the distance achieved with the launch and any objects hit during the flight.
The functioning of Catapult Madness is very simple, you can just launch at the right time, ie when the power displayed in the upper right corner of the screen (green, yellow and red semi-circle) is at the right point you need!

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App Price: $0.99

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