Ruzzle is more and more the game of the moment, it is now present in all iDevices.

Have you seen, playing with a friend, that he obtained scores ? impossible
You can be skill, or maybe not!
In fact, many players use a very clever trick, that consists in using a special App for iPhone, iPod and iPad that is able to automatically dial the words of Ruzzle.
The use of Cheater for Ruzzle is very simple, even novice users are able to use it.

The operation is fast and effective, here is a simple guide to using the App:

– As soon as the match starts made a screenshot by pressing simultaneously the Power and Home buttons.
– Close temporarily Ruzzle
– Open Cheater for Ruzzle and load the image you just created

You’re done! In fact, at this point Ruzzle for you automatically identify all the possible combinations of the letters in the picture.
The combinations are shown by order of importance and value of score.
Cheater for Ruzzle does not need configurations, except that of the selection of the language.

The available languages are:

– Inglese
– Dutch
– Italian
– Spanish
– French
– German
– Norwegian
– Swedish
– Danish

What can I say? Really an App to download to surprise all your friends!
You can download Cheater for Ruzzle (Free) or the Premium Version, the difference between the two versions is the score limit above which certain words are not shown in the Free version.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: Free! (Free Version) – $1.99 (Full Version)

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