Before presenting Cinemagram I want to show you an example of what you can accomplish with this App


Cinemagram is the new masterpiece of manufacturer Factyle that allows you to animate a portion of a photo to create a magical image that consists of photo and video.
You can also apply various graphic effects ranging from vintage to different effects XPro.
Cinemagram is fun, well made and easy to use.
Before you shoot a short film with the iPod or iPhone iPad, then choose the parts that will move, apply an effect of color and contrast, and in the end, if you want, share resulting animated GIF with the community Cinemagram or Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.
The result, if you choose with care the parts of the picture that will have to move, it is of excellent quality.
Through the Popular tab of the app you can see and comment animated pictures of the other members of the community.
In short, with the Cinemagram animated photo has become a reality for everyone.
App as it should, with a social section and a great quality , for this Cinemagram immediately gain the first page of your iDevices.
Not much else to say about this wonderful App also because it is difficult to describe the final results with a post written, so here’s to you some wonderful examples:


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App Price: Free!


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