Clear is the app  released by Realmac software house, it is a “Task Manager” that is distinguished by its unique user interface controlled by “gesture”.
The actions to be performed are very simple, such as a swipe to complete a task, another swipe (downwards) to insert a new one and a “pinch” to switch to higher levels, all in simple and intuitive way.
Clear can be useful to create your own personal list of things to do, a shopping list, quick notes of phone numbers, a list of movies to watch, books to read, a guest list or a list of your goals.

Main feautures:
– Personal todo list
– Quick notes list for phone numbers
– List of movies to watch
– List of books to read
– Shopping list
– Bucket list for Those big life goals
– Guest List

and any other type of note …


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App Price: $1.99


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