Spotify and the like are really good to listen to streaming music services, but are characterized by the same problem: you have to pay them!

If you want to listen to music with your iPhone without taking up memory space, CloudBeats could really help you.

Your music libraries become larger and larger and problem comes when you are going to finish the space available on your iPhone, where in just 16GB (in the case of the smaller model) you need to store apps, photos, videos and even your favorite music.

There is a method to save space in this case and requires no monthly subscription, such as Spotify.

CloudBeats is in fact an App that is nothing more than a music player that can easily play the music stored on your cloud storage account, including Dropbox Box, SkyDrive and Google Drive.

You can also insert additional files directly from iTunes to handle them entirely offline.

Once the application is launched you need to configure the cloud storage services in which you have previously saved your favorite songs.

The operation is very easy: just open the side menu from right to left on the screen, select the service and log-in.
CloudBeats will show you the folders through which you can navigate through your account, find the music and launch the preferred audio file that will start rapidly.

The speed depends exclusively on the service used.

The interface is quite simple and allows to manage the music as with any other audio player and the operation of CloudBeats is always great, especially with SkyDrive.

CloudBeats is cheap compared to the quality of customer service, it also allows you to access with quick steps to all your favorite music without having to pay a monthly subscription!

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App Price:  $2.99

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