Have you ever thought that your iDevice could not be changed and customized as you wish ?
Now you can edit an essential component of the device, the keyboard!
With Color Keyboard you can change various aspects of the iOS keyboard to make it as original as possible.
The main features offered by this tweak:

– Ability to change the background of the keyboard;
– Ability to insert an image as a background;
– Ability to change the pitch of the keyboard keys;
– Ability to change the shape of the keyboard keys.

For Color Keyboard 1.1.2 were made the following changes:

– Changed the directory for the themes (now located in / Library / ColorKeyboard / Themes /);
– Added over 35 themes to the existing ones;
– Improved basic themes (BiteSMS, iRealSMS, Facebook, ShifKey, etc.);
– Added the ability to change the background;
– Added new graphics customizable;
– Fixed some bugs.

In version 1.1.3, the last release, were instead included the following changes:

– Introduced a sample theme;
– New settings for the theme called Bokeh;
– Introduced the theme “White-Black“;
– Modified the link to iMatte;
– Fixed some issues with the UI caused by SBRotator.

You can download Color Keyboard from Cydia database, but if your iPhone is not jailbroken you can find some Apps dedicated to editing of keyboard.

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App Price: Download it on Cydia

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