ContactsXL 4 is a really special that allows you to manage all your contacts very quickly and with care, providing tools
for advanced management.
Finally, your book can be complete with all the information and details about your contacts and you can also
automatically set a picture for each of them!
With total integration with Facebook and Twitter, ContactsXL 4 allows you to set the profile pictures and birthdays of your friends, setting them in phonebook quickly and easily.
If there are contacts that are not yet part of the list, you can add them with a simple tap in the appropriate section.
The convenience of ContactsXL 4 is the ability to completely customize the synchronization between the social network and your device by setting filters in the options menu.
Do you think that what you read is not enough?
ContactsXL 4 is able to remove duplicate contacts in your address book, and then to solve one of the many common problems that occur when you change SIM or phone.

Here are the main features of this fantastic App:

– Complete management of contacts and groups
– Photo of the contacts in the list
– Eliminating Duplicates
– Send SMS and email group
– Notice of birthdays
– Save your favorite contacts
– Integration with Facebook and Twitter
– Smart Groups
– Send contact cards at the same time (only iOS 5)


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App Price: $0.99


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