Konami has released a version of Contra, specifically adapted for new iOS devices.

One of the best shooter games of the late ’80s is back with a revamped graphics, but gameplay unchanged, on your Apple devices.

A “new” chapter of the Contra series is therefore available for iPhone and iPad, even if there are separate versions that are not universal.

Contra Evolution is a kind of remix of the original Contra, so that maintains the mechanical and the basic structures of the game.

Your task will be to advance in the 2D world and defeat whoever or whatever comes along your way.

In fact, among the enemies there will be many human soldiers, robots and big war machines ready to block you.

Players can choose to play with the main protagonists, or choose two new soldiers.

Obviously, what is immediately evident is the graphics that Konami wanted to improve and adapt to the new HD.

Contra: Evolution also contains a new weapons system that definitely helps to live a new gaming experience in the world of Contra!
Konami has perfected the system of control, in-app store, the difficulty of the game, more lives for the new levels and bonuses have finally been fixed some bugs.

Contra Evolution for now is only available in the following languages​​: English, Japanese and Chinese.

Konami has stated that it will be released a compatibility update for iOS 7 but does not specify whether it will release translations to other languages.

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