All iDevices are now equipped with everything you need, but where there iOS provides some functions, Cydia is the solution to your problem.
Cyueue is a Cydia Tweak that offers you the chance to queue up music tracks, ordering them according to your choices.
Tweak this fact, allows you to create a temporary playlist, consisting of the music tracks you want to play in a certain order.
Cyueue saves you a really long time.

But how do you put a song in playing queue?
The operation is very simple, you can just select a song and play it, then selecting another track, Cyueue shows three new options:
– Play Now: play the song immediately
– Next Play: play the song after the previous one ends
– Last Play: play the song at the end of the temporary playlist

No need to settings and Cyueue is fully integrated with iOS, without adding bulky keys or bugs.
A very simple and functional Tweak, recommended.

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