Deer Hunter 2014 is the new hunting game developed by Glu Games Inc., it is a fun, well made and free game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Deer Hunter 2014 offers three scenarios: Pacific North West, North Africa and British Columbia and will soon be added a fourth environment, full of hunting trips to accomplish, tournaments and special events.

Your alter ego can use a sniper rifle as his main weapon and reserve a more powerful alternative as a secondary weapon, he can also access dozens of missions that consist in the killing of one or more animals of various species such as deer to wolves, goats, bears and elephants.

Each stage has basically the same characteristics: you are in a pristine landscape and your goal is to identify your target, aim and open fire.

Often, however, the only killing is not enough and you have to shoot directly to the heart or lungs, using IR to detect these vital areas and changing your position to make them better exposed.

– Gameplay:

The buttons on the screen are just a few and they are well-placed: two arrows at the sides of the screen to change position in the scenario and rotate around your prey, a key to use the viewfinder and infrared (with an extra battery in case the charge exhausted), with a lever you can increase or decrease the zoom and another button to open fire.

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App Price: Free!

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