Discounts! Discounts! Discounts! To avoid surprises at the checkout arrived Discount Calculator for Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod.
With this software you can quickly and accurately calculate many discounts individually or together.
The design and ease of use make Discount Calculator essential for most avid shoppers.

The menu is very intuitive, because in the bottom of the screen there are only 5 simple sections:
– Calculator: as you can imagine, from here you can perform all the necessary calculations by simply inserting the numbers in the spaces provided of prices, discounts and different taxes.
– List: the convenience of this software has no limits, in fact Discount Calculator allows you to have at hand a summary of all discounts in a simple list.
– Tax Guide: for those who do not remember the percentages of taxes or maybe is interested to know the units of other states can use this section, that includes a list of all the tax rates each state (U.S. only).
– Settings
– Help

After each calculation, the software provides you with the total amount of money saved.
Discount Calculator has everything you need to save time, instead of calculating all discounts that are not written on the tag of the product.
This App is available in the free version, or for payment, but it is money well spent for an App that is worth the download.

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App Price: Free! (Free Version) – $1.99 (Full Version)

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