DMD Panorama is equipped with an acquisition system is completely automated and allows a speed and precision indeed remarkable.
The shot is foolproof, DMD Panorama provides even correct sun exposure of the photo and to focus.
3D photos created can also be zoomed with the classic pinch to zoom function.
You do not have to calculate any kind of distance, you only need to match the two halves of the symbol that will appear on the screen and this app will start automatically.
In fact, a simple icon on the screen will indicate the exact point at which to match the photos.
Whenever you combine the two icons on the screen, the device will automatically take pictures.
This application is truly unique because it also provides users online galleries where people can import their own shots and share sensational views.
Of course, do not miss the sharing of these galleries via Facebook and Twitter.
The application is cited as “new and worthy of note” in as many as 97 countries, for a total of downloads equal to 2.7 million people.

For beginners and those who have never used apps of this kind here is a simple mini-guide:
– Keep your device in portrait mode and avoid tilting it (straight as much as possible!)
– Tap the START button
– Rotate your device to the left or right
– When the two shapes on top form a circle, an image will be taken automatically
– Keep rotating the device in the chosen direction
– Tap the FINISH button or put the device in a horizontal position to blend the images and view the panorama
– Tap the Gallery button anytime to cancel shooting

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App Price: $1.99 

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