Dots: A Game About Connecting a simple but very addictive game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and is spreading rapidly and entertains millions of players.

It is the #1 App in 8 different countries!

When you open Dots, it shows a phrase that perfectly describes the game: “Eventually everything connects“.
Your aim, in fact, is to connect small colored dots to remove them from the board, just like Tetris.

Dots is a simple game, with a slide on the screen you can connect the small colored dots to remove them from the board game.
You have 60 seconds to find the best combinations in order to accumulate as many points you can.

The graphics and the game view are really minimal and the grid of colored dots is over a white background, without additional elements on the screen.

With the latest update, Dots: A Game About Connecting for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is even more fun thanks to the multiplayer mode, that allows you to play against a lot of friends and play with them on the same game grid.

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App Price:  Free!

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