Become a true artist with Draw Something Free ! Draw, color and shading as you like!
Just like Ruzzle, Draw Something Free is one of the most popular games of the moment!
The aim of this game is simple: draw objects, people, places and let them guess the opponent.
Whenever Draw Something Free offers different things to draw and depending on which one you choose you will be awarded prizes of money, in fact, if the drawing is difficult, the amount of money will be higher.

But what do you do with this money? The answer is simple: buy color set to draw in the best way so as to win more easily!
In addition to color, you can also buy the bombs, that can be used to decrease the letters to put in order to build the word that describes the picture.
For example, if your opponent has designed a house you have to compose the word “House” by ordering only five of the letters that Draw Something Free shows you.
Start playing is very easy, you can login using your own e-mail or access directly through your Facebook account.
Once you are logged in, Draw Something Free automatically shows you the players you might know, in order to start playing with your friends.
If you have not logged in via Facebook, you can search for new players entering their nickname or their e-mail address, as in Ruzzle, here is the Random search of opponents.

Draw Something Free provides you with only a few colors (blue, red, yellow and black), but you can buy with coins obtained set of colors:
– Holiday Nights in September
– Spooky Pack Set
– Blue Crush September
– Summer Nights in September
– Icecream September
– Beach Set
and many others.
As mentioned earlier, in addition to the colors you have the opportunity to buy the bombs in sets of 10, 20 or 50!

The game is really fun, it is also very suitable for playing with your fingers because the sensitivity is perfect for playing with your iDevices and to improve even more the drawing, Draw Something Free includes different types of line width, so as to draw perfectly every detail!

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App Price: Free!

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