Dropbox is a software to automatically sync of files via the web
You do not need a Dropbox account to use this application, since it can be created at first login.
Once the connection is established, it will be immediately presented with a list of contents on the server through a user friendly GUI.
If you need to keep a copy of a file directly on your smartphone, so you can access it in offline mode, just save it to your favorites with an appropriate button (a star in the file viewer).
With the app for the iPhone and iPad, Dropbox allows you to navigate through your documents synchronized online and view any file format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, Pages, web pages and text files.
In addition, thanks to the sharing features simplified post a link to a friend to download a file instantly while not using Dropbox.
Dropbox allows you to upload your photos and videos account (but not other types of documents) which shots / register with the iPhone and then share them with friends, even in real time.
Available space? Not bad: 2 GB.

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App Price: $1.99 

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