Dropcam is a new Wi-Fi webcam so easy to use with which you’ll be able to monitor your home, your office or family, wherever you are.
You can watch what is happening at the point where you have placed a webcam by simply setting the Live mode.

The features of this fantastic webcam are the following:
– Use the Wi-Fi network to stream the video
– It is very easy to use thanks to the essential settings and intuitive
– Record HD video at 720p

With new version you can:
– View four cameras at once (if you have more than four, just swipe to see more)
– Save photo snapshots of live or recorded video to your iPad photo library

Also, if you need to record the video of the web cam, the company offers a secure cloud storage for your video at the price of $ 10 for 7 days of recordings, or $ 30 for 30 days.


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App Price: Free!


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