Dukto Pro is an App for iOS that promises to allow quick and easy transfer of files to and from devices multiplatform.
The App is inspired by the eponymous desktop software already available for MacOS X, Windows and Linux OS furniture.

The App for iPhone, developed specifically for iOS 6 complements the already available versions of the software, implementing even the file browser normally absent in iOS.
With this version, you can share files between iPhone and devices running Windows (XP or later), OS X (10.6 or later), Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora), as well as smartphones equipped with Symbian, Android, Maemo and OpenPandora .
All this without worrying about permissions, users, protocols, client-server communication and so on.
Will simply start Dukto Pro (or software in the desktop version) on two or more devices connected to the same network, select files and folders you wish to transfer and it is done.
Everything comes quickly on the other side.

Dukto Pro has an integrated file browser intuitive and complete that directly shows the preview of the files.
This wonderful App supports multiple transfer of files (Video, Audio, Image, Doc) and folders and access to photos and videos in the camera roll.

The file browser designed for the iOS version is “navigable” by the typical blue arrows (iOS style), and enables access to the copy / move / rename / send by running a “slide” from right to left on the element of interest.
Finally, the file browser also allows you to open all files known, possibly importing or exporting them to other Apps.

Among other features are:
– Direct sending of simple text messages
– The visualization of the current IP address
– Full support for Unicode and non-Western languages
– Support for high-speed transfers (depending on the type of network)

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App Price: Free! (Lite Version) – $1.99 (Full Version)

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