Dungeon Hunter 4 is a RPG Game for iPhone / iPod / iPad where you have to fight relentlessly in legendary worlds.
To overcome the levels you have to constantly improve your skills and your weapons.
Contrary to previous episodes of the series, Dungeon Hunter 4 is a classic game.
In fact, you can choose from four types of characters, each of them with their own characteristics.
The aim of the game is to proceed in the story, leaving behind all the hellish enemies.
Along the way you will improve your character’ skills but also buy swords, magic potions and armors.
The game is “freemium” so you have to buy certain weapons to progress the game more quickly.
In Dungeon Hunter 4 is the multiplayer mode to fight against other real players, or cooperate with them during the fighting.
To play with the multiplayer mode you will need to access the game using your Facebook credentials or those of Gameloft Live.


Even for the less experienced RPG players, Dungeon Hunter 4 is easy to control.
The first levels will show the key steps to move and fight, as well as how to access inventory or increase your powers.

In general move and attack is quite practical thanks to the control system that you can calibrate to your liking.


The graphics that characterizes Dungeon Hunter 4 is really spectacular.
Good variety of characters and especially game scenarios are perfect, as the plot.

The sound effects are well done and help to further immerse themselves in Dungeon Hunter 4.

Dungeon Hunter 4, a Gameloft production, is a game to have on your iPhone / iPod / iPad, because it is fun and exciting.
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