Duolingo finally arrives on the App Store with the long-awaited update that makes the App compatible with the large display of your iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod Touch.

With approximately 35 MB of weight, you will have downloaded a free universal App with which to study the language in a simple and fun.

Thanks to Duolingo you can learn the following languages:
– Spanish
– French
– German
– Portuguese
– English

With over 18000 (until now) feeback and most of them with 5 stars, users have certainly appreciated this new way to learn languages on Apple devices.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive graphical interface, just follow the suggestions and lessons collected.

You will start from the basic lessons, but correctly answering to the questions proposed you level up and then the difficulty will increase.
With the new version has been introduced and a new sidebar with a single slide, you can access your statistics, charts and other data.
Duolingo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch offers several types of lessons, in fact you can fill in empty spaces by typing the missing words, translate whole phrases, connect words with images, and more!

You can also choose thematic lessons, some will cover food, sports, animals, or just about certain grammatical rules.

Summarizing what has been said, is Duolingo:

Totally Free
– Graphically beautiful
– Easy to use
– Useful
– Super Effective

Therefore, it is recommended by iPhone-up.com.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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