FaceFusion is an App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and is characterized by a modern and intuitive interface.

It is really simple:
1) touch on one of the two white faces of the main screen
2) click on the “+” to insert a photo and choose whether to load from camera roll or take the photo instantly.

The image should represent a face in the foreground, possibly without special facial expressions, but in a relaxed position and not in profile.
FaceFusion, however, is very intuitive and is perfectly able to recognize people’s faces in an image.
Once loaded, or the picture is taken, you have to indicate using the sliders provided the exact location of eyes, the contours of the face, nose and lips.

The procedure is simple and the various adjustable points are positioned simply and quickly, moreover there is a guide that reminds you where to place them well.
Once this has completed, you can select the second face and repeat the procedure with the second subject.
Once loaded both, just click on “GO” to see a beautiful animation that will combine the two faces and then you will see the final result, that will obviously be hilarious and very, very funny.

In addition, clicking on the three portions on the faces (hair, eyes, lips) you can change some parts of the image, giving priority to each of them.

Once you get the result, you can see it in the foreground, or see the two faces and the final image: each of these “options” is also an image, which you can share via email, Facebook, Tumblr, Evernote, flickr , Instagram and Twitter, but also save it to your camera roll or print directly from your iPhone.

For all this FaceFusion is an excellent App to download absolutely, high quality and precision!

Recommended by iPhone-up.com!

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App Price: Free! (Lite Edition) – $1.99 (Full Edition)

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