FallDown! 2 is a nice Free game compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch available on the AppStore just a few weeks.

The author Hannes Jensen decided to create a game not too elaborate, with simple controls and suitable for everyone.

Great to be used in moments of fun and thanks to its compatibility with the iOS Game Center, you can challenge your friends and beat them reaching high scores.

FallDown! 2 is lightweight (20 MB), and it is available in several languages and is  also compatible with iOS 5.0 and up.

Not much to say about this simple but really fun and addictive game.
It is universal App, so graphically perfectly compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

FallDown! 2 can be defined simply a highscore-game, in which you must try to score the highest score possible.

Obviously it will not be easy to get a high score, in fact, do not have much time to move your ball, we must be very fast, because if you get hit by the laser beam you will have to start all over again and goodbye record.

You have to pay attention to the laser beam, but the way to reach the bottom of the screen will not be easy!
Pay attention to some objects and avoid them with skill.

When possible, take the power-ups because they will give you special abilities, like the ability to roll over the boundaries of what the display shows in your iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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