°Farehnheit is a application is very interesting, as it is the only one that allows you to check on the home, the current temperature and weather conditions you want and if they change, you will be notified with a notification.

As mentioned above, °Farehnheit provides you with a lot of details on the situation of the weather.
The app connects to a server that will send push notifications on the variation of temperature, and at the top right you can see the current temperature notified
When it opens you will be localized and of course, after a few seconds, the app will provide you with a lot of information, listed here:

– Current temperature (°Farehnheit)
– Current Conditions
– Humidity current
– Current pressure
– Dew Dew current
– Temperature perceived current
– Radar cloudiness at intervals of three hours (up to 2 days)
– Forecast to 10 days
– Minimum and maximum daily
– Wind direction daily
– Daily weather conditions
– Daily Precipitation
– Levar sun / sunset daily
– UV Index daily
– Forecast every 3 hours for 10 days
– Terms and temperatures at intervals of 3 hours for 10 days
– With the latest upgrade, are also available data on: Map of the wind, rain radar and satellite map with interval of 3 hours.

You can also add any city and observe the data.
°Farehnheit may also interact with social networks, including Facebook and Twitter in a very practical way.
Overall we can say that °Farehnheit is practical and powerful.
It ‘also available app “°Celsius” to see the same information in ° F.

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