Fast and Furious 5 – Fast Five : Official Game is an exciting videogame graphically excellent, with a great gameplay and with options to no end, that maximize the processor of your iPhone and all the other iDevices.
You know the movie Fast and Furious ? Do you remember the adrenaline, the speed, the races?
This time you have the chance to experience all these emotions on the palm of your hands and with the career mode and its ten chapters to unlock winning all kinds of challenges, you’ll have fun for quite a while.
Fast and Furious 5 – Fast Five offers different game modes (nine!), many powerful cars (including the Dodge Challenger 2011) and excellent mechanical and aesthetic customizations for your race cars.
The gameplay takes place on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and other places really picturesque.
The game controls are based on touch screen or accelerometer, so as to meet the needs of each user.
They are very simple: you can steer with the accelerometer and touching the car can brake (the car accelerates by itself), or you have all the buttons available on the screen using the other modes.
The gameplay is fine and the wide variety of game modes makes the fun last long, long time.
Fast and Furious 5 – Fast Five is also provided with the game in multiplayer mode, using different connectivity and sharing the action with your friends (up to 10 players!) during exciting online races.
A game, therefore, almost perfect and a must have for lovers of speed.


Fast and Furious 5 – Fast Five – Summary of Features:

– Amazing Graphics
– Lots of levels and challenges in different game modes
– Supports the multiplayer up to 10 players
– Simple controls touch screen or accelerometer
– Two different views of play

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App Price: $ 4.99

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