One of the best football games for PC, consoles and iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is definitely the one made by Electronic Arts.

Despite the new version of FIFA 14 should be released during the autumn months, are spreading on the network the first details about this new version for iOS devices.

This is not a simple upgrade, in fact, the team said it will be a true revolution!

Let’s see some details about it.

The intention for the new FIFA 14 is to make a first attempt to create a title designed specifically for a touch control.

You will no longer find it any other joystick buttons, but you can control everything with slides, swipes and other gestures.

The current scheme comprises the classic lever and a set of virtual buttons will always be available, but you can also opt for the controls without buttons.

With FIFA 14 for iOS you can pass the ball to a player of your team by touching him.

Even shot will be easier, in fact you can draw with your finger the trajectory.

To move a player there is no problem, even in this case, just swipe your finger along the side of the field you want.

The new FIFA 14 for iOS will have a graphical implementation on mobile devices bringing the good things seen in the latest versions of the console game.

The numbers will be high as ever in FIFA 14: 34 different realistic stadiums, 600 teams and 30 official championships to play.

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