Who does not know the famous game Four In A Row?
Now this game is available for all your iDevices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod.
You can play anytime and anywhere, alone or with your friends, using the Wi-Fi Mode.
The main screen does not exist, in fact just you open Four In A Row 2013, there is shown directly the screen showing the “board”, in which you insert the colored tokens.
At the top right there is a button (a square with horizontal white lines), clicking it will see the main menu of the game.

It includes:
– New Game
– Log In
– Players
– Settings
– Help
– More Games

As you can imagine, Four In A Row 2013 offers different modes of play:
1) You can play alone against the computer
2) You can play with your friend on your iPhone
3) You can play with your friends in online mode using a 3G connection or Wi-Fi

To choose the game mode you prefer, click on ‘Players “in the main menu.
Opening the “Settings” you can turn on / off sounds, change the colors of your tokens and change the game difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard).
The game is very simple and graphics are essential, but you will have fun certainly also for the clever strategy of the PC.
Above the board are shown 2 avatar of the players on the right and on the left, with the respective colors of the teams.
So, download Four In A Row 2013 and you will not regret, then it’s Free!

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App Price: Free!

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