A week on holiday abroad without the possibility to be connected to the Internet, update your status on Facebook and read the email? No, you can not!
Then you absolutely need to learn how to surf the Internet without paying or drain the credit of your iPhone.
Connected to the Wi-Fi hotspots; they are free of charge access points to the Internet that you can find now in every areas of the most important cities of the world.

How do you find them? Using an App such as Free Wi-Fi Finder, that saves on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod) a list of all the main Wi-Fi hotspot, consulting it even when you are offline.
Here’s how it works.

If you want to learn how to surf the Internet abroad, the first step you need to do is visit the App Store, search for Wi-Fi Finder (JiWire are its sellers) and install it on your iDevice.
When installation is complete, start Wi-Fi Finder and presses the first button “Offline Wi-Fi Finder Available”, then “Offline database available” and finally “Install offline database” to download the database that Free Wi-Fi Finder puts at your disposal, so that it is always available, even when you’re offline.
The procedure takes a few minutes (there are about 38MB of data to be downloaded” and it is fully automatic.
Once you have finished installing the database” with all Wi-Fi hotspots available around the world, go to the menu called “Index offline database” and press the button “Index database” to optimize the data (just downloaded to your iPhone) and make it faster to navigate in the list of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Even in this case, the operation is fully automatic and requires very little time to be completed.
At this point, the memory of your smartphone includes an extensive list of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world available at any time.
All you need to do now is start Wi-Fi Finder, pressing the Search button located in the lower left and enter in the Country field the country where you you are.
Next, you’ll be asked to specify the city in which you wish to find hotspots to connect to the Internet and the neighborhood closest to where you are.
Press the Search button and you will get a list with all available Free and Premium hotspot to browse the Internet abroad.
You can recognize the Free ones because they are marked by “Free“.

To have more details about their location and / or on the shop / restaurant etc. hosting them, just select it with your finger.
Easy, is not it?

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App Price: Free!

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