Calling and sending SMS for free without deceit is now possible thanks to FriendCaller, this application lets you earn free credits that you can use to make local or international calls.

FriendCaller is a simple program that appears in its home screen with 5 sections:
– FriendCaller: here View your friends who are participating in the app
– AddressBook: displays the phonebook on your device
– Dialpad: the keypad to dial the contact numbers, (from here you can also ask for assistance if you need help)
– Messages: Messages section dedicated to
– More: the most interesting section of FriendCaller, in fact, from here you can view the history of all calls made, select your favorites and view your profile, add credits to be pre-paid cards, but the most interesting thing is the GAIN FREE CREDITS.

The operation of the free credits is really simple, just show commercials lasting a few seconds, or download small applications from the AppStore and soon you will have credit to make calls.
iPhone-Up ensures the functioning of this application and recommended because it is easy to use and has no deceptions.

For Info visit FriendCaller Site:

App Price: Free !             

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