Futuridium EP is a game recently released on the AppStore with which you can demonstrate your skills completing each level and get the highest score on board a spaceship.

Only recently is available on the AppStore Futuridium EP, a very interesting shooter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch developed by Mixedbag that will take you back in the past and especially in the period of the ’80s, thanks to its immediate gameplay, characterized by a retro-style graphic but optimized for iOS devices with Retina display.

The game is being touted as one of the toughest available on the AppStore.

Essentially it is a space shooter in which you drive a spaceship with a single task: to complete each level by destroying the cubes of energy that will be useful to replenish your personal reserve, which will be reduced gradually.

To be able to destroy the blocks you’ll have to shoot with the laser of your spacecraft that can move in all directions and that, in case of need, you can rotate to return on the right path and destroy the blocks.

In addition to a soundtrack perfectly suited for this kind of game, you can choose from many levels of difficulty and there is a credit system, you can use it to unlock some items that will make the game even more fun.

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App Price:  $1.99

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