Are you a college students or elementary school students?
Genius Scan then it is what you need!

Yes, because this App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is even able to detect the text written on a blackboard!
Thanks to Genius Scan you can use your iPhone as a portable scanner to scan documents and send them via email or save them in PDF format.

Genius Scan, compared to other similar Apps, is really very simple and easy to use and is definitely a great alternative for those looking for an App of this kind.

Genius Scan can really surprise you with it great features, this App in fact automatically corrects the perspective of the paper framed, making scanning excellent even if the sheet is folded to be scanned or not placed very well.

As already mentioned, Genius Scan for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch allows you to create PDF files consist of a single page or multiple pages, depending on the number of photographs that will click.

Every document created can be renamed to your liking and the App is not limited to provide you with a just one scan to PDF format, but you can also create JPG files, really lightweight and great to be emailed.

The files created can also be exported to iBooks, shared via Wi-Fi or uploaded to Genius Scan +, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote Expensify and SkyDrive.

In addition to the Free version is also available as a paid versions, called Genius Scan +, that does not show banner ads and offers more features.

Photographing a notepad you can save the memos handwritten, or in the case of recipes you can also store them.
In short, if you want to try 100% all the functions of Genius Scan, you just have to download it.

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Free! (Free Version) – $2.99 (Full Version)

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App Price:  Free!

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